The Day

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So, this post will talk about the EduTechNovation Day that was held on 20th Dec. This is the day which every group will present their poster and their short film. As for poster, this is our poster for our short film:



the poster was edited and designed by our beloved team mates, Maryam Azizan. So, during the EduTech Day, Izhani has become the speaker to pitch about our poster and our short film. it turns well as our classmates enjoyed our short film. Though we are not winning any places for the competition, we did enjoy doing this project.

This production has taught us a lot. not just in the aspect of production thing but in the aspect of moulding our personalities as well. We learnt to be tolerate towards each other, accept and discussing ideas together, give and take and we learn about patience. We believe without high patience, we will never manage to complete this task within given time. We learn through hard work and commitment.

All in all, we enjoyed doing this and we thanked all classmates, tutors and lecturer. We hope we can use what we have gained during this project/production.

We guess, that’s it. Thank you for reading and head on to our youtube video to watch our short film!


Final editing.

Hi all!

remember that we said we have come out with our final video? Yes. however, after we show it to our lecturer, she wanted us to change a little bit just to cut the duration of the video into 5mins. So, we did it. We fast-forward the ending part using time-lapse and we cut out few parts that we think aren’t necessary.

The short film is our final assessment for this course. We have to do 3 minutes pitch on our video and poster during the EduTechnovation Day. so, here is our final short film! Later we’ll update about the EduTechnovation Day!

Blood Is Thicker Than Water <— kindly click this to view the video.


The Second Draft

So, this is our second draft of the video project! Enjoy every bits of it. Sorry if there is any funny uncontrollable moment. We are not an actress. Maybe there will be scenes which our voice production isn’t so clear. We’ve done our best for this subject and we are looking forward to hear comments from Dr. Rosseni for further improvement Enjoy!

Blood is Thicker Than Water <— kindly click this link!

Re-shoot the final scene

So we have talked about the ideas for the new ending.

Why we want to change the ending is because we want to highlight the message, ‘Blood is thicker than water’. The message means, come hell or high water, even stay apart, the relationship between sisters/siblings will never fall apart. You will never have a relationship like the one you have with your own family. Go through thick and thin together and annoyingly wonderful.

So we had decided to change the story line from a cheesy ending to something more meaningful. If based on our original idea, we would like to end the film with the eldest sister gave some sort-of-pet-talk session to her sisters. However, we changed the ending to the part where the eldest sister is moving to New York leaving the four sisters to stay apart as they have their own career and start a new life but, they still keep in touch with each other through Facebook and Skype.

Thus, we decided to do the re-shoot session somewhere in FKAB building. It went well with the help from Nik Siti Maisarah as our cameraman. This is because we needed a scene that includeed the four of us together. Thus we seek help from Niki to become the cameraman. As usual, the shooting session is never easy. We still need to record the scenes for a few times to get the best shot.

We learn that to re-shoot a scene is more easier than the first time because we already know what to do, what to expect and what to give as we have seen the earlier product during the editing session.

Yeah. Finally, the shooting part is done! Time for another editing and we are done with the production!

Stay tune for the next post to see our final product!


Quatro Belissimo. 🙂

Editing Process

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

Hello. This post will be about the editing process for our short film, Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

For the editing part, we use Windows Movie Maker. Though it isn’t a good editor compare to iMovie or Sony Vegas (to name a few) we managed to edit our video well. The editing process was handled by Izhani Farhana. Maryam made the movie poster, NurulHuda is in charge for the blog update while Farena was our creative consultant.

As we are not that professional with short film production, we did face some problems. For example our videos were not compatible with the computer format, thus we need to convert them first before we can combine, cut and edit. However, we managed to complete the editing part before the presentation day. We were so excited to see the final product!



Unfortunately, after we had almost finished editing 80% of the video, we realized that we need to change the ending. We need to change the story line a bit. This is because the ending is not properly acted and the scene was a little bit cheesy. Thus, we had discussed to make changes for the ending. We had decided to re-shoot the video before the deadline.

So, stay tuned for the next post. We’re gonna talk about the re-shoot session!


Quatro Belissimo.

First Shooting

Hello. This post is about our first shooting at Putrajaya. So yeah. We’ve done with our first shooting for our short film, Blood is Thicker Than Water at Putrajaya. Why we chose Putrajaya? This is because Putrajaya has the most beautiful scenery and parks that are suitable for our story line. We had so much fun during the shooting session. We managed to finish the shooting in one day. We record all the shots using iPhone5s. We are grateful that the iPhone5s is a great smartphone. We managed to get good shots. Indeed we faced some difficulties during the shooting. For example, difficulties in terms of weather. It was hot during the shooting day. We have to shoot under the scorching hot sun. Furthermore, we have to move from one place to another place to get the best scene. However, the shooting day went well. We enjoyed it so much and we learnt a lot. It is never easy to be part of the production team and become an actress. Oh forgot to mention, we act in this shortfilm. We cannot afford to hire extra actor or actress to act in our shortfilm. We learn that in making film, even it is the short one, cooperation is important. Cooperation, tolerance and communication are the essence of the production. We change ideas during the production process.

That’s it on our first shooting. Will update more on the editing and re-shooting process. Stay tune! Regards, Quatro Belissimo


Another Story Board Presentation

Assalamualaikum and hello!

So this is our presentation on our story board. We had to draw and explain our story board.

Dr. Rosseni leaved some comments. We took it in positive way and we’ll try to improve.